Tuesday, January 31, 2012

After the Wreck, I Picked Myself Up, Spread My Wings, and Flew Away

First of all, the title of the post came from a book written by Joyce Carol Oates.
Anyway, here is my post.

After the Wreck. The wreck was March 20, 2011 and the events leading up to that day. Basically like my whole life.

I Picked Myself Up. The wreck brought upon to me the realization that we could all go away into oblivion, nothing. 

Spread My Wings. I needed a distraction. I needed to cope. And they were there. 

And Flew Away. Literally, I am flying away. To Singapore. Hopefully, it's not a way of coping anymore. It will be the fulfillment of a dream. This way, I'll not go away into oblivion, into nothing.

ps: I have read the book even before The Wreck. It is only now that I've noticed the book cover color is also blue. How fitting. How coincidental?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 13 of 30: Block 334

Hmmm... I wasn't able to make an entry yesterday because I had to study for my Long Quiz 2 and Lab Quiz 1 today... Since I just got off that "I-don't-get-why-I-have-to-study-thousands-of-pages-for-a-total-of-50-item-exam" madness, I now have the time to make this entry. <sigh>

Last night, as I was browsing my email, I saw the SISTIC confirmation email for our SS4 tickets again. And my face just became (0.0)! I only realized that our area was in block 334!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I thought that we would be in area 234 but no! It was 334!!!!! I accepted that I would stay at the "partial restricted view" area but I thought it would be at the terrace. Now I realized that we would be at the balcony!!!!! I almost cried last night after knowing this... And until now, I still feel bad! Worse even! I'm wondering if we could still "see" them in that area! Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!! 

Right now, I know that I just have to accept everything as it is. I hope we could use some "ninja powers", to be able to find ways to enjoy the SS4 despite our location. I really want to experience the best Super Show since it's my first (hopefully, not my last!).... 

I also hope that our plans for the Saturday in SG would be successful. I really hope to be "blessed" and well, meet them somewhere in the road. haha.

I just really hope and pray for the best in my first ever out of the country trip!

Hae is waiting for me!!! XD

- dawnhae -

Day 12 of 30: Flight Blues

I know that each time before I travel with a plane, I will always have a nightmare that I couldn't catch my flight and I would cry on my sleep. And this time it happened again. T.T

Last night, I had a very long sleep. My dreams were different each time I'm half awaken but the last dream I had was, I wasn't able to go the airport for my Singapore flight T.T. I was thinking it was really true! I could have died in my sleep if I didn't wake up. The dream was, I was waiting for my uncle to drive me to the airport[he was a taxi driver in my dream but in reality, he's a PUJ driver -.-] but I saw him drive away, without me riding the taxi! I was really flustered and texted and called him so may times but he wouldn't answer at all. It's already two hours before my flight and still I couldn't contact him. It was raining in my dream and I was out of options [I'm not sure why], and one of my closest friends in elementary walked pass by our house and I had to borrow her phone to contact my uncle but still I couldn't contact him T.T. It was already an hour before the flight, yet I'm still at home and Emmy already called and texted me so many times...I almost breakdown then I woke up, thankful that it was all a dream T.T.

Why do I always have these nightmares before I go travel by a plane? Any thoughts? :<

ELF Calling SISTIC Customer Service

January 15, 2012
Public booking for Super Show 4 Singapore

Call 1

Dial (65) 6348-5555
ELF: on hold for more than 15-30 minutes already
Rep: Welcome to SISTIC ... something something etc
ELF: May I know the available seats for Super Show 4?
Rep: There are no more available seats. It's sold out.
ELF: Oh.
end of call.

Call 2

Dial (65) 6348-5555
ELF: on hold for more than 15-30 minutes already
Rep: Welcome to SISTIC ... something something etc
ELF: May I know the available seats for Super Show 4?
Rep: couldn't hear what he said
ELF: May you please repeat what you said?
Rep: still couldn't hear... dogs barking and chickens clucking and crowing everywhere waaaa!!!
ELF: I'm sorry. I couldn't hear you. What are the available seats again?
Rep: The available seats are for CAT 2 and 8.
ELF: Ahh.. Cat 2 and 8. Could you please hold a moment while I ask my friends..
Rep: Sure.
ELF: shouting in the background. "GUYS, CAT 2 & 8 ONLY!!! NOW WHAT???!!!!!
ELF: Hello, Sir? Thank you for waiting. I'm sorry we are so loud.
Rep: Oh, it's okay.
ELF: Sir, are there still other seats available?
Rep: ... dead air
ELF: Sir....sir, can you please recheck? Please pleassssseeeee... almost crying now
Rep: Only Cat 2 and 8 are available.
dead air
ELF: Okay. We will take it.
ELF: Hellooooo??? checks phone. Waaa no more call credits!!

PS: thank you to that SISTIC rep who endure enough for us. thank you.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 11 of 30: Shopping Spree

I was suppose to go out shopping with my ELFriends in Carbon but I already promised my co-worker friend to have a lunch date with her [since it's her last day at work...T.T] together with my other co-worker friends [btw, these co-worker friends of mine came from the same university as me that's why I treat them special ;)]. So I'm really sorry my ELFriends if I wasn't able to join you in Carbon [I bet it was fun!].

Anyway, after the lunch date, I decided to shop together with my other co-worker friend who is looking for a thick jacket that she can bring on her Hongkong trip and me looking for the things I'll be bringing on my Singapore trip ;p. We went to Terranova, Forever21, and the mall's department store. I swear, I love Terranova more than Forever 21 now =D. Here were the items I bought: winter dress, leggings, boots, and a baggage bag. I was thinking that I should start wearing some boots [I want this with my airport fashion..haha] and wear more formal clothes [since our company is now restricting us to wear business casual clothes]. I only bought a few items and I spent a lot of money! I don't know, I just have this attitude that if I like an item and thinking I have the money, then why shouldn't I buy it, but I'm quite happy on the things I bought. =)

I'd like to know what were the things you bought my ELFriends in Carbon! =)

When We Booked Our Super Show 4 Tickets

January 15, 2012
Sinulog 2012
SuperCien's Narrative of that fateful day.

I got out of work at 6 AM. Met up with Yerene at about 7 AM. Ate Breakfast. Went to DawnHae's house at about 8-9 AM?

The online priority booking for SS4 SG started the previous day (January 14th). Public and overseas booking was on the 15th at 12 PM.

The three of us, DawnHae, Yerene and I, were patiently waiting... chitchatting some, talking, spazzing, preparing our "workspace", creating the list of our preferred seats, planning for the possible seating scenarios etc etc. XmaKyu couldn't come and she gladly bestowed upon us the right to order the tickets for her. I forgot whether HeeEmmy arrived sometime before the online ordering started or shortly thereafter? sorry.

We had used two laptops. We pre-typed the credit card info in a notepad... ready to be copy pasted during the ordering process. We taped up a piece of paper in front of us showing our preferred seats. RITS only allowed a maximum of 4 tickets in one transaction. Since there were five of us, we will need to split up in twos and threes. At least one wouldn't have to go by herself :-/

So we were ready

But then

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 10 of 30

Today will be our Carbon Market escapade (largest market in Cebu).We hope to find a lot of things there today, like the flying lighters for our fan project for SS4 SG, Angry Birds Headbands with lights that blinks for our headgear at the concert.

I also have to look for pocketstarfield's list of items like the clothes she needs to wear and if we are lucky to find boots then I also have to get her that. She won't be able to come since she will have a shift later tonight. I am not sure if Chrisma will be with us but I will definitely be with Dawn and Emmy.

Surely this will be another fun filled day.

Day 11. SuperCien's Checklist

I scanned my journal and ta-dah!! Here is SuperCien's Trip To Singapore Checklist
Please bear with my handwriting ;p

Please also know that this will be my first time traveling outside my island home of Cebu. I am  a little nervous about the trip. But mostly, I am excited because it has always been my dream to travel the world. I may only be going to Singapore, but hell yeah!! that is still a destination outside my country in itself. and of course, thanks to super junior for somehow being a way to make this dream a reality. but mostly, it is because of sj that i am going there haha.

And here is the "proposed" clothing checklist. I am having doubts about this. Last weekend, the gang managed to convince me to buy a very short pair of shorts. 0.0

It was really affordable after all. When I arrived home, I tried to wear the shorts and OOHHHMMMMMYYYYY!!! IT WAS TOO SHORT!! Haha.

I may be overacting. Yes, I am definitely overacting. It's just that I am never the short-wearing-type-of-girl. I am the burka-clad, pajama-wearing-in-the-middle-of-summer-type-of-girl.

And oh, how am I gonna find affordable pair of boots? UK? Haha!

Something tells me that I am more stressed on what to wear in Singapore than the fact that I'm finally seeing Super Junior. trolololol How could this be??! hahahahaha

gif not mine

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day ? of 30: Did I really miss all the fun here?


After 12 days of anguish without internet... I'm finally here! I'm not really good in making blogs but I'll try to share all my thoughts here. Especially regarding............ -_- (my heart just exploded)

Anyways, I'm super excited for SS4SG! Everything has been a roller coaster ride for me. I mean, I've never really risked anything in my entire life. Everything has been planned. My daily routine would include school-home-church-home. I had a boyfriend for almost 5 years but still, dating was also like a routine for me. Everyone would say I'm the boring type and that I'm too serious with my life but I thought in the past that I couldn't change that coz that's just me.

But after knowing SJ, my life really turned around. I guess everything that has happened really has a reason. Perfect timing, as I could describe it. During the darkest part of my life, when I thought I would literally break down, they came. I've been telling my closest friends that SJ saved me. And that's the truth. They really saved me. The boys may not know this but for me, knowing them is the best thing that happened to me. I even regret not listening to my friends who became ELF way before me because if I did, then I would have experienced SS3.

So yeah, SS4 is my greatest wish (as of now)... I would never let this chance slip away like what I did in SS3... Seeing them in the flesh is like me topping the board exam (LOL). And I am truly happy that my father has been so supportive this time especially in the money stuff. haha

I guess this entry is already too long. I'll try to write more as that special day approaches. I just can't hide my excitement anymore!


Why? waaahhhhh crazy day

I'm really sorry for not updating much here or even in my tumblr for this journey, school is really keeping me occupied. I hope that you guys understand.

Tomorrow is shopping day for me, Dawnhae and Yerene Choi. I don't know if I'll be buying a lot of stuff but  so far this day is simply crazy.

After a few days of not logging in to tumblr the first thing on my dash is my beloved Chul's GIF taking a selca in at his radio show. Heenim, I know that you don't like me being serious about school but this is simply killing me right now. WAAAAHHHH Heechul I love you so much even if it kills me just to look into those eyes of yours.

Day 9 of 30

I'm a little busy recently, since I have engrossed my self with my new addiction. This time i don't just read Fan Fiction but I have started writing it. I'm no longer contented with the ones that I am reading, I want a plot of my own. So may not be very active this coming days but I will surely try my best to update here.

Hyukcien: I'll try to email the admins for the Fan Project this coming Sunday 29th of January
Heemmy: I'll give you the link to my fic when I'm done.Please teach me well
Chrisma: I heard that you want to do a make over? and want to have a bangs? Good luck!!! Try a side bangs on a layered hair style to add volume
Dawnhae: You are missing a lot of fun!!!

Day 10. Of Fanchants and Singing One's Heart Out

So yeah, I am never the one to fully memorize all of SJ's songs consciously. Ahahahaha. But it's the Super Show!!!! I need to do this. I have a goal to lose all my voice in this once-in-a-lifetime event. I need to sing my heart out for Super Junior!! and good luck to the ELFs sitting next to me at the concert ;p

Everyone, I have compiled the fanchants for the concert that were posted by SS4 Singapore - Truly ELFs. Our ever helpful SG ELFs have organized it all for us. And they even hold practice sessions in their country. How about us? Will we be five lost souls during the Super Show? Oh no no no no no no. Don't fret, SuperCien is here. Wahaha!!

It's gonna be so much fun!! So many ELFs in one place, singing, dancing, laughing, shouting, fangirling, crying(?), having fun with Super Junior all at the same time! OH YEAH!! So here it is , the list. All fanchants were modified to fit the performances in super show 4. Video reference links are also found in the posts.

And yes, here is the list:


#4 A-CHA

Can you feel it? We are gonna be SOOOOOO LOOOOOUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! WE NEED TO BE SO LOUD because our seats are in the jungle. If ever they will not have the time to look at us, at least they can HEAR us!! hehehe.

And guys, mark your calendars...We will have a practice session ha? During our final meetup on Feb 12. Whatchasay??? 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 8 of 30: If Ever...

Random thoughts for Day 8:
  • If ever there will be SS4 Manila, I would still go. HAHAHA
  • If given the chance to see Super Junior in Tokyo Dome, why not?!

 My mind is just too full of Super Show 4 thoughts. ;p

Day 8 o 30

Today I had a breakfast date with Heemmy and Hyukcien...It seems like it has been a regular routine that I see this people almost every time I have the chance to, same with Dawnhae (currently under hiatus due to lack of connection).As far as I can remember we just watched Underworld: The Awakening this past Sunday.

Anyway I still had fun today.I just can't imagine myself if I haven't known about The Boys, I must still be the boring person everyone used to know of.

The days are just passing by so fast without even knowing it.I can slightly feel the rush of adrenaline and as proof I wanted to start packing up my things to bring as early as now.I still have to make sure I have everything ready before I do that.

Singapore, you're a Dream Come true
Super Junior, This is It!!!
Kim Joong Woon, Let's Settle This
Choi Siwon, London? Come Home! Pali!!!
Sungmin, Oh My Ged!!!!Tattoo!!!


It seems that only me(SuperCien) and Xmakyu are kinda lurking on the site. So, I'm gonna wax lyrical and whine piteously about my emotional and sentimental self here. So I am saying sorry ahead of time to your guys... And I am posting this under the admin logins. ;D

Dawnhae, go call up PLDT to have your internet reconnected and post here all you day 1-12 posts. Ahahahaha.

HeeEmmy, I know you are there!! Post more of you heesecrets.

Yerene Choi!!!! Stop your fanfic moments, and please write here or comment here more at least. I know you are writing, so write here too. hehe.

This is only for the next 30 days. We will go our own separate ways aftewards ;-/ and remember this time of our life. waaaa im getting senti again.

Waaaaaa!!!! 21 days and we are seeing them all!!! well, nine of them ra diay.. but WAAAAAAA!!!!!

Day 9. Super Show 4 Singapore Fan Projects

Here it is guys... the fan projects for SS4 SG!!! However, I can only find two atm. The projects are for Sungmin and Ryeowook.

Wookie Fan Project.

Support by holding up the handheld banner during Wookie's solo... The banner is free and will be distributed at the entrances on concert date. We need to email ryeonggu621@hotmail.com or tweet mention @ryeonggu621. Please do it guys!!

source: SS4 Singapore - Truly ELFs FB page

Sungmin Fan Project.
Let us all  Sing With Sungmin !! Yay! To raise funds for this project, we (the organizers) have created badges for you to purchase (designs can be found at the end of the post). All funds collated will go into the printing the handhelds and reflective banner used for his solo project in SS4 Singapore.

Prices for Badges
1) Buy 1 to 5 badges: $2.50 each
2) Buy 5 badges & above: $2.00 each
3) Sungmin Special Badge Set (incl. Do-Re-Mi, Marilyn & Mr Simple design): $7.00 per set
4) SS4 Do-Re-Mi Special Badge Set (all 9 members): $16.00 per set
5) Complete Set (all 11pcs): $20.00 per set

Order Closing Date
3rd Feb 2012

11 Feb 2012 onwards & on Concert Days

How to Order
Email to singwithsungmin@gmail.com
(you may also forward any questions to this email)

Payment details will be replied thru email after you had placed your order.
Source: SS4 Singapore - Truly ELFs FB page

Our Love Support Project
This fan project is for Super Junior when they sing "Our Love". Our fellow SG ELFs asks us to hold up the handheld banner during this song. Plus, there is a fanchant for this song, which we should all memorize. Hehe. Details on how to receive the banner is as follows:
Bank transfer can be made to POSB Saving: 547-80302-7
Drop us an email after the transaction so that we can check. Thanks!
Email : trulyelfs.ss3sg@gmail.com

That is all I can find for now, guys... If you happen to know other fan projects, please update the post or leave a comment. tnx tnx. More updates on SS4 SG, visit SS4 Singapore - Truly ELFs.

ps: When Wookie moves like jagger, will I still be able to raise that banner???!! trolololol

btw, I am queueing all my posts coz I will be very busy with work (poor me). Yerene, please follow on how we could all join the fan projects. TYVM!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 8. The OC in ME: Super Show 4 Singapore Trip Schedule Of Activities

date time things to do
Feb16 Thu 8:00 AM Web Check In c/o Cien or DawnHae
Feb17 Fri departure 10:00 AM Yerene & Cien Pick Up DawnHae's luggage in Mabolo
11:00 AM Go to HeeEmmy's House
11-3 PM Yerene & Cien Wait & Sleep 
3-3:30 PM Leave for Airport
4:00 PM Should Arrive by Airport, meet with Xmakyu
Wait, and queue for Immigration if open
5:00 PM DawnHae should've arrived by now
5-7 PM Queue at Immigration etc
7:55 PM Goodbye PH, Hello World!!!
~7:55-11:55PM Nasa himpapawid. Makasakay nakog plane!!
Feb18 Sat Arrival at SG 12:00 AM Singapore!!!! WAAAAA!!!
12-1 AM Queue at Immigration etc and out of the Airport
1-2AM Arrival at the Hostel
Eat Dinner
2-6AM Sleep?
6-7 AM Wake Up, Bath Time
7-8 AM Breakfast
8-9AM Travel To The Singapore Flyer
9-10:30 AM Nasa Singapore Flyer
10:30-11:30AM LUNCH
11:30AM-12:30 PM Trip to Sentosa Island
Cable Car
1:00 PM Already at sentosa Island
Picture sa Merlion
Picture sa Universal Studios
Picture pa jud
3:30 - 4:00 PM Back to Mainland SG
Cable Car
Snacks ??
Adto ta orchard road :-)
Dinner there? Buy Drinks.
5-5:30 PM Back to Hostel
Change Outfit. Haha
If wala pa ta kaon,mangaon nata daan.
6:30 -8 PM Ocular Survey sa SIS hahahaha
8-9 PM Back to Hostel
9PM to Sawa Night Out sa sulod sa Hostel LOL.
Feb19 Sun Concert Day 6-7 AM Wake Up, Bath Time
Eat Breakfast
7-9 AM Church, Buy Pasalubong
~9-12 NN LAAG nasad
12NN-2PM CHECK OUT. If pwede ibilin ang luggage, ibilin lang. If not, mag-extend ug another day sa hostel :-/
Lunch + Dinner na.
check in online for departure flight
2-2:30 Walk to SIS
2:30 - 4:00 PM Queue at SIS for the Concert WAAAA!!!
4-8 PM Date with Super Junior
8-9 PM Making Sense of it ALL 1
9-10PM Go Back To Hostel; Eat Dinner if Kaya pa.
10-11 PM Enroute to Airport
11-12PM Queue at Airport Terminal 2 Immigration
Feb20 Mon Home ~12:55 AM going home huhuhuhuhu T.T
5-6AM Immigration/Airport etc
6-8AM Breakfast Together Please Making Sense of it All 2
9AM onwards  The END


i'm worried about the short period of time time after the concert and straight to the airport.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 7 of Worry

To be honest I am worried because I haven‘t told my mom about this trip. I may be 22y.o. but its different that your living with your parents especially when they don‘t understand that I have to do things like these for the boys. I hope when my mom understands my reason for leaving but one thing is true I‘ll introduce my friends that will be m companion for 3 days.
I hope my companions wouldn‘t mind helping me out. T.T

Day 6 of 30: Baggage Checklist

Here is list I have come up with on the things I need to have in my baggage so I won't miss anything! XD

  • passport
  • plane tickets
  • concert tickets (things needed to claim the concert tickets!)
  • hotel booking papers
  • clothes
  • shoes/slippers
  • personal hygiene stuffs
  • pocket money
  • mobile phone and charger (don't forget to set your networks to roaming!)
  • digital camera (I wish we could do some fancams!)
  • MY KYUHYUN LIGHTSTICK! (I almost forgot!!!)

  • placards for the concert
  • pens (in case we can have some autographs!)
  • a Suju album (I think I'm bringing one, maybe my Mr. Simple album so I could make it a placard and in case for autographs too XD)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 6...

This post is dedicated to Kim Heechul and how I fell for this cat.
The MV that I saw is U. I admit that it was difficult to tell them apart. But there were 2 who caught my attentention, the guy with smiling eyes which he was attractive and the member that I mistaken for a girl because of his long hair.
After a few harrassment from a couple of my friends I recognized their Chinese member, Hangeng because my he's the bias of my friend. They showed me some of their pictures and then I asked my friend, "I thought this is a boy band, why is there a girl member?
Obviously I was embarrassed because of this pretty boy so I want to know him better. I didn't realize my true potential in research till I started looking for information about, Kim Heechul.
I liked him as I know more about him. I realized he's talented than I could even imagine.
Hours turned to days, days turned to months, months turned to years, I discovered talents that I thought I could not harness. One is writing because I ship Hanchul so hard I wrote a fanfic. Two, organize events for ELFS out of love. Three, caring for friends like my own daughters which resulted to the incest family tree. Finally, Chul and my youngest daughter made me realize my true calling, being a Lawyer.
Hopefully I could write more fanfics for friends and be the best lawyer in town.
I've wrote a couple fanfics and the SiHanChul is coming to a close. The second one is a hetero-pairing but the OC's name has nothing to do with me I simply used that name for the fic.

Day 6??? Happy Chinese New Year!!!

WHO AM I? comment your answer hahaha!
Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

Day 6 before SS4 SG????
Well, not exactly. As of writing this entry, it is technically still Day 5. I am only queuing this post so that it is published today, day 6. Haha!!

I am afraid that I will not be able to write an entry in the next few days because work will swallow me alive!! Rrrrrrrr!!! I hope the other admins will keep the site up and running and kicking and alive. ☺






Day 5 of 30: SS4 Motivation

Every time I say that just a little more and I'm going crazy over my work, the SS4SG motivation always overpowers it all. I rendered 6+ hours of overtime yesterday to make sure my project was gonna be okay. My co-workers would also use my planned Singapore leave to inspire me in my work. They just know what makes me happy~! Hahaha

Anyway, counting the days left, I want to make sure I won't miss anything when I go to Singapore. Maybe I could start a list in the blog and the other admins will add their list too. Yay~!

And yeah, I need some shopping and makeover.

PS. Super Junior won Daesang in Seoul Music Awards! Did you see how Siwon cried so hard? hahaha... I'm just too happy, I wish I could hug all of them. ;p

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 5 of 30-It's Definitely A Yes!

The moment I woke up today hugging my little blue baby elephant, I was already smiling. It seems like I had a good dream last night that I just can’t remember however I felt that there is something good for me today. I went out of the room with my Baby Kyumin the moment I heard my Dad and my little Sister was watching a movie. I missed doing that on a weekend with the family ever since I got hooked up with The Boys and become an ELF, I rarely stay at home to chat or spend the day with them. I realized how much I missed my father since we used to only get together on a weekend when I started working more than 2 years ago and lately has almost always been dedicated for someone or something else, we rarely had the time to talk with each other besides the instances that we eat together or him sitting in front of the PC when I wake up for work asking me why I slept late again when I have a shift for the night.
At the dining table while having breakfast with the whole family, Papa asked me if I was going to Singapore. Shocked and obviously was not expecting it I just nod as a response. He then asked about the details of the flight and the lodging, he even joked on bringing my Mom along but then she doesn’t have a passport she would then just be left behind. I felt pressured when he asked me to bring him a shirt back from SG, if only he knows I wanted to bring him a lot if my budget would allow it. I was really happy and relieved for I was having a hard time figuring out how I would attempt to talk to him about the trip. The last time I opened that to him was a day before we got the concert tickets, and he was a little drunk so I was sure he could barely remember anything about it. But hearing him asked about it would definitely mean it's a yes. He even told my mom that I would be out again today to meet-up with Super Junior...
My heart now feels lighter than it used to be. I now have everything in place with regards to my family. All I just need to worry is about my leave and my budget for the plane tickets. I hope I won’t have problems with it, although I was already assured that it won’t be a problem.
This is it…I really am going to Singapore and watch Super Show for the first time!!! Wait for me my love!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Late Intro Day 4

I hope that my introduction isn‘t too late. I‘m an ELF from the Philippines who doesn‘t have enough confidence. I live in a life of being a home buddy-church goer-school which was pretty boring. The person responsible for bringing out the fangirl in me is my childhood friend which she thinks that this the only way for me to get over a very stupid crush. We‘ll it worked because I‘m in love with Kim Heechul.

Before I became an ELF I never knew where my life is going I flunked my some subjects and I could take the calling of a profession which my siblings are in. Now I can say that I can be a better person just by being inspired by these humble boys, making new friends through the ELFS I meet in gatherings here and the best part is that I have a family that I could say that will be with me no matter what and I will be the same to them.

Obviously my bias is Kim Heechul, my love even through hell. I may sound delusional but I love him even if he confesses that he and Geng are together cuz I believe HANCHUL is real.

Law school is not easy unless you accepted the calling the moment you started. I will be a Lawyer, the best there is and make him(Hee) proud.

I Need A Day Off!!!! Rawr!! haha: Day 4 of 30

I do not want to worry over this. Really. Sigh.
This is my work schedule for January and February 2012.

Sadly, i used up all my leaves during the past year. I only got 1 day's worth of leave as of January 2012.
By the looks of my schedule in February, my day offs will be on February 14 and 15.
I need the 17th and 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The cheapest flight will leave on Feb 17!!
The concert starts on the 18th!!
I hope and fervently pray that someone at work will swap sked with me.
I am so willing to work eight straight days from Feb 9 to Feb 16.
I can't afford to be absent because...
1. It will affect my scorecard
2. Failed scorecard, means no bonus.
3. No bonus means, no money for fangirling. :-/
4. I already got a letter for an absence when I watched the MAMA telecast. Ooops.

Please let everything work out fine!!
The new schedules will be released next week.
Please pray for me!!

ps: woi! dont cry na!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 2 of 30 : Overcoming Some Stress

I was really busy this day. I had to render an overtime for my project at work. Ah, I'm very stressed these days...but my SS4 SG plan motivates me to do the best I can.

I'll make this short since I need some sleep already. I'll take all the pressure and stress as long as I can go to Singapore next month~!

...and see this kind of performance at Singapore Indoor Stadium. ♥