Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Post-SS4SG - part 2

These are my thoughts and messages for SUPER JUNIOR members after their 2-day concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium... Sorry if it's all messy. I just wanted to place everything before they get off my head. I hope you like it! (This became my new bias list in increasing order after SS4.. lol)

Siwon - holy shisus!!!! wae are your abs so amazing?!?! the moment i saw them live was daebak! waaaaaaaaaahhh!!! your abs are REAL!!!! i also loved how you interact with us elfs! you also made an eyecontact with me and smiled! OTL.. so amazing! i also loved your DO RE MI perf especially when you and shindong almost kissed because of donghae! haha! so funny! i also liked your appearance in hyukjae's part in OOPS when you kissed him in the cheek! kyaaaaaa!!!

Henry - wae are you so cute???????????????? i love your perf! i love your energy! i love your english speaking skills that even the other members, especially siwon, were envious. haha. siwon splashed water to you everytime you speak english. hahahaha... i was teary-eyed during the violin rendition of lighters. i loved its sound. so relaxing. so sweet. so nice. i loved your choice of songs especially in ss4 because i also love bruno mars's songs and seeing you perform them live is a great experience.

Zhou Mi - OTL.. i hate how other people don't appreciate you. in day1 i know only13's did not support you. i did. on day 2, we made a banner for you, henry, shindong and yesung. i hope you saw it. i shouted as much as i could in day2 even though i had a very hoarse voice already. Other ELF are even watching us. I think they are wondering why i was so noisy when your performance was a ballad. i just wanted to show you that i support you. i am just happy that when i shout, other ELF would also shout so there was a loud crowd on your perf in day2. i also believe that you were happy because you smiled after your perf. i really believe you deserve my support so i will continue to support you! 

Shindong - waaaaaaah!!!!! you are so hot! i was laughing hard with your solo coz i could see you taking your clothes off behind the "curtain"!!! i saw you HALF-NAKED TWICE!!! i love your troublemaker and bubble pop perf! so hot!!! one of your dancers is also hot! waah! spazzing so much! but the most amazing thing for me is, we made a "connection" during day 1! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! you looked at me and you tried to conduct how we wave our lightsticks and i followed and you laughed! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Sungmin - so pretty! i couldn't think of you as a guy especially in your Marilyn Monroe cosplay! i love it! especially your interaction with donghae and siwon! so cute! i also loved your failed reactions in the girlfriend thing when the girl chose kyuhyun instead of you. haha. so cute! and the best thing for my is your solo perf! ubersexual!!! i was shouting "PAGPUYO SUNGMIN!!!!!" (behave sungmin!) coz i was so envious of your dancer! haha!

Yesung - i wonder why you look so serious! you are very handsome and i love your stare! the best thing for me was your solo. D.A.E.B.A.K. listening to your voice live especially when you reach those high notes is a very memorable experience because i've always loved your voice especially your ad libs. another memorable for me was when you got wet with the fountain! waaaah! you really looked so cute!

Leeteuk - i fell in love with you. honestly. i know that you are an amazing person but seeing you for real and seeing how humble you are made my heart melt. we were just one meter apart and you looked fantastic! i loved how you sincerely thanked us ELF. you made me love super junior more, made me know that everything is so worth it and made me decide that being an ELF is a lifetime career for me. i also loved your energy so much especially in BONAMANA. on day1 i cried so hard during OUR LOVE and i promised not to cry again in day2 but when i saw you cry, tears just kept rolling from my eyes! wae are you like that!!!! i know you are very tired but you still tried your best to put a fantastic show. thank you so much. i wish i could hug you and tell you that you are an amazing person and you deserve all my love and support as the leader of the best group in the world.

Ryeowook - ASJHFKAJHAJGSJSGAJSGFJAKS!!!!! I SAW YOUR ABS LIVE!!!! i was at the balcony at that time and when i saw it, i swear i really wanted to jump towards the stage! haha. even my friend AIRENE told me that she was so scared that i might jump off. haha. wae are you so cute?! you look like a doll for me! your face is so small and your smile is so mesmerizing. i really envy those ELF with polaroid cameras which you used to take selcas! you made me want to buy one! seeing you one meter apart is just fantastic! gosh! im running out of descriptive words! i know you weren't feeling well in day2 when you denied being splashed on the fountain. sorry if i was one of the ELF who cheered for you to get wet. i really just wanted to see your abs again for the last time. haha

Hyukjae - i don't understand why they call you ugly!!! you are such a beautiful person! so handsome! so cute! so hot! you are an amazing dancer and i love your moves! seeing you one meter apart is daebak! i love your cute smile especially in your solo. i even had LSS (last song syndrome) on your perf. haha. SAY MY NAME... LEE HYUKJAE!!!!! i loved shouting your name! i also had a great time shouting NO! when you wanted us to say TOm Cruise, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and CHoi Siwon. hahaha. the best thing is seeing EUNHAE moments live!!!! forever EUNHAE!

Kyuhyun - kyu oh kyu.. wae you so sweet?!?! i loved how you worried for us in Partial Restricted View. i saw you making signs to those in PRV that means "Can you see?" and "I can see you at the back" it really shows your love and concern for ELF. and the best thing for me is seeing you one meter apart and making eyecontact with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! i almost threw my cap at the stage! i was stunned that i forgot to take pictures at that distance nor even fancam! btw, i love your voice! just like yesung, listening to your voice live is amazing! i wanna hear you sing a song for me because your voice made me fall in love with you! i even knew you weren't feeling well on day 2 coz your eyes were red at your solo perf which i really loved but i know you did your best and your perf was daebak!

Donghae - donghae donghae donghae... are you even real?!?! seeing you live made me realize you are human but i don't understand how such human can have flawless features like you!? i wanted to get you off the stage, put you inside my bag and bring you home!!!! it seems that my eyes were a "donghae focused fancam" in both shows! haha. i think i missed important things from other members because i focused on you more! i laughed when you made a mistake in one of your perfs in day 1, i enjoyed your being so playful especially in day 1 and i was amazed to see you dance live! your way of dancing is different from hyukjae. hyuk's dance moves is so manly and hiphop while for me your moves are so poised and i love it! i only saw you about 2-3 meters away and had no eyecontact with you but since you always stayed on the side where i was, it still made me so happy! i saw you always at my side! waaaaah! on day 1, you made me cry when you sang THIS IS LOVE since i really wanted to see you sing that song live. it's like me watching FUWA SHO live! waaaah! but after crying, i laughed at your OPPA OPPA perf. i was so crazeeee right? haha. and oh, i almost forgot. WHAT WAS THAT VCR BEFORE MR. SIMPLE PERF?!?!?!?!???! i don't need to detail everything about it but i guess you can understand what i mean. i love how you always try to expose Marilyn Mingroe's undies! hahaha! i also loved your poses during your "fashion show" part. ahaha.. i loved your pick up lines! "I love you. I love you. I love you." "I closed all the doors. We can stay here for the entire night." i couldn't remember the other lines but all i know is you really tried to speak in english and that's what amazed me. i love it! i know it's difficult for you but at least you tried and i understood what you wanted to express. and the best thing for me was YOU BEING WET AND SEEING YOUR BODY THROUGH YOUR WET CLOTHES! JAHFALJSDHGJDASGAJDGA;JGDAJDSGHA;ZJDGHAJDGAJSDGHAJGHAJGJAGH;GHDSQDKGHSJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OTL...... i think i should stop... i'll just add if i remember other things related to you. haha

- dawnhae -
It was my greatest escape... 
But it is over...
Now back to reality...

My Super Show Escapade in Singapore

I am having a hard time organizing my thoughts while writing this. I have this post depression again and I just can’t help my self from going blank at times. I even spent the whole day sleeping after I arrived from the trip and wished to see them in my dreams. I also had these flashbacks of the times that SJ was just less than a meter from me…

This trip means so much to me since aside from being it the first time that I get to travel abroad with my close friends and seeing the Boys that has changed my life so much in the flesh, this trip was also the first time that my parents especially my father supported me whole heartedly. He was even excited and kept on reminding me to take good care of my self.
The day before the trip was so stressful since Joan and I need to do the shopping for our food and other stuffs needed for the trip, we also had to look for the money changer and the pump that we were supposed to use for our fan project. We then packed the luggage and made sure we don’t go over our allowed weight. But what stressed Joan the most was that when Emmy’s ticket showed her last name as her middle name and her middle name was her last name. We didn’t know what to do and why does it have to be on the day before the trip. Good thing the customer service representative was so kind enough to help us and solved the problem.
On the very day of the trip I woke up at around 2:30 am and did not want to sleep back. I did my nails that early and made my handhelds and double checked on my things to bring. I even queue my post in twitter so that somehow I would still be able to update without any connection.  By 9:30 I was ready to leave the house to meet-up with Joan and head for Dawnhae’s house, where she still needs to go and do her clinic duty before the trip so we took her bag with us to the airport and meet her up there before check-in.
When all the inspections and interviews were completed, we happily settled our selves in the waiting lounge, waiting to board the plane. While waiting, we took our “before takeoff” photos and laughing together, others were even looking at us. When suddenly I heard my name being called to approach any check-in personnel, they were asking where my other companions are since she only saw two of us who approached her during check in. It was because the others did not submit a copy of the terminal fee paid. That was our first ever epic fail during the trip. But how are we supposed to know when we were not even told about it…
We arrived 30 minutes earlier than expected. Singapore was indeed clean and organized. It wasn’t hard to communicate with others since they speak good English too. We took a lot of copies for their Map so that we could study it for our trip on the next day. I had a good time chatting with Mr. Taxi Driver; he was very friendly and even gave us tips about his country. He even helped us out to look for our hostel.
Thank You Ideal Backpackers for a warm and cozy place to stay. I will surely stay there again when I get back.
We were excited for our day tour before the concert so we decided to leave early and to do that I told Emmy to set the alarm which is a Laughing Out Loud Heechul at 3:30 am. Unfortunately, I think Chul was not in the condition to laugh that loud so I was not able to awake on time, we all started preparing around 5:30 am and only left the hostel around 7am which was still very early for them. Rush hour for them was around 9-10am.
I was so excited to board the train; it was my very first time. We had to buy a one way ticket to Raffles Place so that we can purchase our Tourist Pass that gave us unlimited pass for the MRT and Buses for 2 days. I even almost went off the wrong stop because of my excitement.
The first place we explored was Raffles where the famous Mer-Lion is located. But before we got there we had been walking back and fort the streets since we failed to see any traces of it. We had our first glimpse of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel where the boys were checked-in. We also saw the Singapore Flyer from the spot where the Mer-Lion was so we decided not to go to that place anymore since we were already able to take photos from afar.
Our next stop was Bugis; this place is known for good buys and affordable delicious street foods. But since we were there early and Bugis is more of a night life we ended up eating at McDonalds that does not have any rice at all and we were just having bread and tasteless eggs. We were so hungry since all we had to eat was noodles since our arrival, as Joan would say; “I never knew noodles could taste this good.”
After enjoying our meal we head for the MRT station to ride the trip bound for Marina Bay, we planned of going to Marina Bay Sands Hotel to hopefully stalk the Boys. After the MRT trip we still had to ride the bus to drop us off at the hotel. When we were about to come to a stop, all 5 of us stood up and ready to get off when suddenly the bus halted abruptly that made all of us fell down. Imagine all 5 of us!
We then tried the Sky Park just to get a glimpse of the Infinity Pool hoping that the Boys were there but it was too far for us to see clearly and we bet by that time they were already at the stadium rehearsing. So we decided to go home and prepare ourselves for the first day of the Super Show 4; but before that we toured around The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The Place was very huge. All signature brands that you could think of was there, it was like being at the Orchard Park. There was even a Narnia exhibit and an LG Store that had Siwon’s standee that I did not dare go near it, I can’t imagine what I might do with it.
 At the venue of the concert, we were so amazed with the number of people who came to watch it; some were even trying their luck on available tickets. My friend Dawnhae was tensed and stressed while we both line up to claim the tickets for the first day. It was because we only have one photocopy of her Dad’s passport and credit card which is a must to claim the tickets. It was a good thing that the lady in the counter was so kind to just have it photocopied and returned the original to us to use it for the next day. Before lining up to enter the stadium we decided to eat first at a restaurant who offered Super Junior Menu (who the waitress was a Pinay, she even told us to enjoy the concert) which we did not really get to enjoy since we ate it in a hurry; scared of being late since the concert starts at 6pm. But on our way there we found this Merchandise Sellers and a group of Sungmin Biased who gave photo cards. I was happy to be able to grab one but I was practically looking out for those who were giving out handhelds for fan projects, it would be a good souvenir.  We even saw light sticks sold for 10 SGD each and we all bought one since my special Siwon light stick broke a few hours before the concert. Dawnhae and Joan bought an SS4 T-shirt and Chrisma got herself a SuJu Desk Calendar. I was hoping to get the SS4 official pillow and blanket set but aside from the line being so long, it was no longer available. Guess we were not meant to be.
The stadium was fully packed. It feels so good to be with your fellow ELFs. I was even more amazed when the lights were turned off and I saw the Sapphire Blue Ocean and was able to take part of it. Then the much awaited VCR, the underwater scene.  The boys came out with the first song Superman. The show was great; it feels like I was not breathing the whole time. I lost my voice while it was just the first half but that did not stop me from screaming out loud. I will not talk much about the show since I will have a different post for that. When we got home, my friends and I especially Joan and Dawnhae were at a state of shock; since it was our very first time seeing the Boys in flesh. Joan even slept without changing her clothes.

On the second day of our Singapore trip we decided to spend time at Sentosa, and guess what we found rice. We finally get to eat rice again…hahahahaha. We missed how it tasted; it has been a long time since we had it. We were also able to find a stall that sells T-shirts and key chains with Singapore prints, something to bring home for our loved ones. I felt sorry for Chrisma since I know she wanted to try the Cable car and the Roller Coaster.
It was almost 12 noon when we head back to the hostel and we were supposed to be out by then or else they would think we will be extending. Since we were in such a hurry we rode the wrong train that was heading the other way around. If I was not listening carefully we might have gone further, so we arrived past 12nn at the hostel. It was good that they were so kind to give us time to pack up our things completely.
Joan wanted to ride the bus for the last time so we decided to get on one on our way to the stadium. But looking for the bus was not easy; we had to go from one stop to another to locate it and the waiting time says 20 minutes but that would be from the time that the bus parks at that certain stop. Since all of us were excited we got off the bus too early not knowing it has another stop right in front of the stadium. Hahaha…
We were again early for the 2nd day of SS4, so we decided using the hand-outs that was given to us at the venue; we made improvised hand-held for Zhou Mi, Henry, Shindong, Yeye and towels saying “Mr. Choi Siwon show me Yours” and “Siwon and Donghae take it off.” Joan added some “do it do it” to her Hyukjae towel. Chrisma made her We ♥ SUJU Philippines that luckily caught Leeteuk’s attention when he was thanking the fans and mentions the international ELFs who came to watch the show. I was so happy since at last I met the volunteers who were giving out Wookie’s handheld and inside the stadium were those giving out the “Our Love” handhelds.
Before we finally settled in our day 2 seats we had to plan out very well what to do for our ninja mode. We don’t want to end the show without getting the chance to see them up close. Dawnhae and I left our seats during the “Oppa has Risen” perf and went down where we could go near the ramps where they would stand at times. Dawnhae was on the right side while I was at the left. It feels like heaven when I get to see them all so close (again, I will not talk much about it since it will be another entry).
My heart almost melted when they sang the last song and I knew it would end soon. While saying their farewell I managed to somehow pick-up some more handhelds for Sungmin, Yesung and Hyukjae.
My heart stopped beating again. The trip was worth it, it will always be treasured in my heart. I may not have taken photos or recorded fan cams but the memory I spent with the boys is priceless. While on the plane I can’t stop crying, even up till now. I will always treasure those moments and I will surely not stop there. It may take some time to get over it; it would be hard as well.

See you when I see You Boys. Thank you Singapore for being a part of my most wonderful experience;  I will surely be back, I promise. Thank you to my parents and my whole family who has supported me all the way. Thank You to my friends, Heemmy, Chrisma, Dawnhae, Joan for that bonding we’ve all shared. Thank You to Maeka, Sands, Wenela and Glesh; in you I found a family. Thank You to my special friend (I hope you know who you are) who has helped me make this decision and for making me realize my dreams. Thank you Super Junior for making me feel loved and for completely changing my life and lastly Thank You God for everything. I can’t thank you enough for blessing me this much.

My SS4 Singapore Journey

A repost from my blog:

Ok so I'm back home from Singapore from the awesome 2-night Super Show 4 concert of Super Junior in Singapore Indoor Stadium. I'm not sure how to start this since my mind is too full of the things that happened last weekend but I will try to remember every highlights that I can share. By the way, I broke my Kyuhyun lightstick...huhuhu T.T So I bought another lightstick, the small official one which I used in the concerts.

SS4SG Day 1:
  • I bought a Suju desk calendar! Yey, finally I can replace my 2011 Suju calendar on my desk at work!
  • We ate at a cafe were there were Super Junior concert meal sets and all of us bought the Mr. Simple meat set. Their SS2 concert was playing on the monitor while we were eating. Such a good business trick.
  • There was this rule of no video recording but I couldn't stop myself and with much luck, I managed to do several fancams! ♥
  • There were only two f(x) members. Only Sulli and Amber. How I wished Victoria was present. :(
  • Sungmin's solo was similar from his SS3 solo but I think the one in SS3 was hotter. XD
  • I was kinda disappointed when Teukie was just passing the roses for his solo, not the same in SS4 Seoul where he rides on a chair with harness and drops the roses to the fans.
  • When Donghae sang "This Love" from Skip Beat OST, I jumped at my seat with happiness~!
  • Shindong's solo was cute and cool! He danced to Troublemaker and Bubble Pop. The part where he danced with lasers was really cool!
  • Henry introduced me to the song "Lighters". =)
  • The boys will always attempt to lift Sungmin's skirt on his Manilyn Monroe costume especially Donghae.
  • Kyu as Steve Jobs lol. He was carrying a basket full of apples.
  • I felt betrayed when Kyuhyun let the chosen girlfriend fangirl hug him. I almost jumped over the seats just to have Kyuhyun stay away from the girl. T.T
  • On the DoReMi performance, Siwon carried Shindong and Donghae attempted them to kiss...hahaha. Now I know that Siwon can carry Shindong. ;p
  • Shindong tried to make the fans follow his directions for the waving of the lightsticks using his mic from slow to fast waving. The fans were like crazy following him..hehe.
  • The white light project was so cool! 
  • I finally heard Yesung and Kyuhyun's adlibs in  Sorry, Sorry live.
  • I just felt that everyone looked more mature this time. =)

SS4SG Day 2:
  • Luckily, there were still official merchandise left and those were the bag and the t-shirt and I did not hesitate to buy both.
  • This time, I did not do fancams and really enjoyed the concert to the fullest!
  • I saw each of the boys faces up close! I was seated in the second row of the terrace on the right side! I felt I was having an eye contact with everyone!
  • I saw Wookie's abs this time in "Moves Like Jagger" since I'm already at the right side! Haha can't believe that he's been working out his body!
  • Teukie cried when the fan project for the song "Our Love" was revealed. Everyone was holding the heart banner with "Suju+ELF Our Love" message. It was really touching.
  • The white light project was cooler this time as more white lights were emitted! 
  • I can't forget Kyu oppa's smile and wave at me. =D
  • On the DoReMi performance for day 2, Shindong carried Siwon this time...hahaha! 
  • I threw my stuffed toy on the stage just in case they might bring it with them. XD 
  • They were playing with the fountains in the stage! They look all wet and hot..haha
  • The most highlighted part on every thing that I experienced was that when Teukie started mentioning countries of the international ELFs that attended the SS4SG. He pointed at my "WE ♥ SUJU PHILIPPINES" banner and said "Pillipin". I AM VERY PROUD AND HAPPY, I COULD HAVE CRIED. T.T

Overall, it was a BLAST. It was one of the best weekends I had! Super Junior never fails to make me happy. I thank God for granting this wish of mine to see Super Junior again. I thank the awesomest ELFriends I have, Joan, Dawn, Airene, and Emmy for making this project SS4 Singapore a success. I thank my family and my friends for supporting me on my decision to watch SS4 Singapore. I thank Super Junior for always making me happy. They made me travel outside of the country for the first time. ♥

Monday, February 20, 2012

Post-SS4Sg part 1...

I.can't.organize.my.thoughts... I.don't.know.what.to.write.here... I.just.feel.that.I.needed.an.outlet...

This trip has all my first times... It was the first time I went to a trip with friends only. It was the first time that I rode an airplane. It was my first time to go to a foreign country. It was the first time I watched a SUPER SHOW. And it was the first time I saw SUPER JUNIOR live and in the flesh...

Last Friday, I was so stressed out. I didn't have enough sleep for the entire week due to excitement on the upcoming trip. I still had clinics duty on that day starting at 1:30PM to 5PM and out flight was at 7:55PM! I was so nervous that I might not be able to arrive at the airport on time. I was just glad that our clinics duty ended at around 4:30 so I was able to arrive at the airport on time.

We had so many FAILS during at our trip but I think someone else would make an entry on those here so I will not mention them here.haha.

At around 11:30 PM, our plane landed SINGAPORE. I was so amazed because everything is so organized! All the processing in the airport is just too fast. I.am.amazed.

Another thing that caught my attention was the right-hand driving in SG. It was actually the first time that I saw something like that. haha. It was even so funny when MISSIWON went to the right side to sit at the front of the taxi. hahaha. 

Even their roads and corners are sequentially numbered so you would never have the reason to get lost in the city if you know the whole address. 

Upon arrival at the hostel, it was nice since the one assigned was a FILIPINO so yeah, it was easier to communicate. haha. When we arrived at our room, I was much more amazed because it was clean and their bed are big enough for us. I really like it. There was even wifi access (which saved my communication  issues when my roaming failed), television (even though they only had local channels) and air conditioner (haha. not so cold)... I also like their bathrooms because there is heater. hahaha. 

I wasn't able to sleep well on Friday night. I could hear cars from the outside and I was bothered. I also think that the main reason for not being able to sleep was the excitement for Saturday.

I guess I'll just have to stop here first.. Will make part 2 soon.. :))

- dawnhae -
It was my greatest escape... 
But it is over...
Now back to reality...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Here @ Singapore The Arrival

Finally we arrived at Changi Airport safely. I'll make this trip memorable for all five of us. My Heenim maybe not be part of this year's concert, I'm here to support them as my family. See you tonight Singapore.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Why Am I Going?

When this post goes live in the webs, and for the Google bots to freely crawl upon, I am already aboard the very first airplane that I will ride in my entire life. Where am I going??? Well, I'm off to Singapore. Wae? Why? That is the question I am trying to answer in this post.

Why Am I Going?

I am going to see Super Junior in Singapore. That is why I’m going there. That is all there is. This group/band/people triggered in me the most trivial yet important question I should answer/act upon in my life.

What is my life all about? What is the meaning behind all the things that have occurred? Or is it even necessary to find meaning, my meaning, in doing all these and going to Singapore to see SJ???!!!!

Different people have different ways of being inspired, or being moved by a person, thing, event or occurrence to a point that one would take action just for the fulfillment of this goal/dream.

Super Junior had this impact to me. Through SJ’s own ways, I realized that there is more to this life. Before I knew SJ, I already know that there is obviously more to life that I was living. More suffering, illness, loneliness, sadness, violence, happiness, fame, adventure, kindness, etc. I knew the left and right side of the spectrum. It’s just that SJ made me take action. To do something aside from dreaming and procrastinating.

Perhaps one could say that I’m giving SJ too much credit, when in reality, I may have really just realized all these things without the “apparent help/influence” of SJ. Or maybe one could even argue that it was just me… becoming a more mature (?), changed person after Mother’s death, exploring my options abroad. Or, it was just me becoming an utterly disrespecting eldest daughter un-accepting of her new role as breadwinner in the family… that’s why she goes to SG to experience this sense of rebellion against this unspoken new responsibility in her life, getting away from it all.

Yeah, perhaps it’s the latter.
If that is the case, it’s a very sad realization.
And what a very sad life I have. L T.T

I may have matured in a whole new grander level after Mother’s death.
I may still be in denial that no one will be reprimanding me from listening to songs in a different language in eardrum-shattering volume.
I may just be in a rebellious mode.
I may just be depressed and getting crazier every second that I’m spending an arm and a leg by going to SG.
I may be irresponsible.
I may be delusional.
I may always ramble, spouting this nonsense trying to make sense of it all, trying to find an excuse, a reason to go to Singapore and see Super Junior, and ultimately failing.
I may only be terribly missing Mother, and poorly displacing this feeling to SJ and ELF and the sense of family they bring/create for each other.

All those things may really indeed be true.
I’m just confused.
Even lonely?

Perhaps it is too early to tell what SJ is to my life?
Maybe I could answer this more clearly after I go there?
I don’t know.

It’s just that, there is one thing that I’ve always felt each time I think about SJ and ELF.  It’s the feeling that my shoulders are lighter, the sides of my head and my nose seems more airy (?) and my eyes are either too strained or too relaxed I don’t know if I’m about to smile so wide or cry out loud. I just feel light and relieved. And I am finally able to breathe.

It is such a new feeling. So much like a drug, eh? Yeah.
Maybe it is different because for a very long time I wasn’t able to do or consciously do exactly that in my life. You know, breathing.

Day 30 of 30: This is it~!!!

Today is the day we go to Singapore~! Wish us a safe trip! I'm seeing our boys again for the second and third time. THIS IS IT!!!!

super short post for the super show

im gonna see hyuk!!!

giunsa man diay nimug abli ang sardinas? hahahah

This Is The Day...I'm dying from excitement

This is really is it!!!!
I just cant' imagine my self doing this. But here I am, super excited and I just can't wait. I can't stop thanking the Lord God for making this happen. I must have done something right to deserve these.
It's gonna be in a few hours and we will be boarding the plane.

It feels like I have not slept at all, I feel tired but still I am happy..

Hoping for a good weather today, tomorrow and the day after next...

Singapore Here WE Come!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

dysfunctionally excited

I have so many tasks to do to prepare myself for my Singapore trip. I have even asked my Team Leader at work if I could have one more day of leave since I haven't packed my bags yet. And my TL gladly agreed. But look at me now, I have not done a single worthwhile and productive thing. Gaaaaaahh!!

I catch myself staring off into space, or smiling at myself (and even giggling all of a sudden) for no apparent reason. Well, perhaps it is because I am thinking of my trip to SG and the things that I will do there. Haha!

I just never thought that I will be doing this!

This, meaning everything, going out of my way to get a passport so suddenly, traveling to mountainous Cebu to get an NBI Clearance, showing up at work on time every time, getting a fringe 0.0 and regretting it, and flying to another land for the sole reason of seeing super junior in the flesh and being part of the sapphire blue sea. And to do that, I will literally have to cross the South China Sea.

Oh well, I better stop writing here or I am never gonna finish packing.

Good luck to us all!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 28 of 30: Lot of Luck

I need a lot of luck! Sorry but I would really like to do pics and fancams. Please bless me a lot of luck Lord~! =D

By the way, I already exchanged my Philippine peso bills to Singaporean dollars. When my money was converted, the number of bills became fewer like almost half...haha! And the face on the money looks the same in all the bills unlike in the Philippine peso that we have different model faces in every kind of bill/coin! XD

Anyway, good luck and God bless to us all~! ♥

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mae's ELF words of the wise :D

My excited fellow ELFs asked me to post something here.
So to show that I'm so honored

I am now putting on my Nerd look to come up with some sort of list.

wait let me stare off into space for a bit...

All right just a bit more concentration:

 Ok some pointers and tips when attending a Super Show concert
(though Im not the best person who can give you tips )

Before the escapade (I can see that you were better prepared than I was)
  • Pack your stuff which I believe you guys did a few days ago. It would really be cool if you have customized SJ tees, SJ stuff, light sticks, banners, well you get the point..It is an ELF must have :P
  • I believe a CAMERA is the most essential for this trip I tell you. Please don't forget it since I really would like to see your adventure when you come back.
  • Pack a gum. Any chewing gums will do. I remember I was the only one who brought gums and everyone was asking one from me on the plane. Did you know, gums helps your ears while on a very high altitude. I know you already know about that. I just want to include it :D
  • Sleep . Have a lot of it. I know excitement makes you forget about it but i kinda was awake for 30 hours a day before the concert, so i didnt have time to roam around Manila. I was just sleeping in the hotel.
  •  I know you guys  will try your hand and stalking so make sure that you don't get lost and have your communications at full power. Remember you do not have a magic map and a magic backpack like Dora hehe

If  I may share my checklist :
  • Money
  • Ticket (concert, plane, any ticket you can think of)
  • Outfit 1(I had planned what to wear for day one that's from underwear to shoes to hair tie )
  • Outfit2 (while outfit one is for the laag2x. outfit 2 is for the concert)
  • Outfit  3 (my church outfit)
  • Bonamana Version A (it was for a fan project posted by ELF from ph)
  • jacket (coz we planned to take off at around dawn after the concert)
  • gift (i was referring to the gift I need to give to emmy. but it could be your gift to the boys. Chrisma bought one. It was so cute. It had a message too)
  • toothbrush and other toiletries
  • MUST BRING SELF (gosh im crazy. I really included this phrase)
  • then below this are side notes on whats my outfit 1 2 3 and another side note where its says Money includes:  Terminal Fee, Merchandise, Food, Fare, Pasalubong if any

At the airport :
  • Be mindful of airport rules and airport essentials. Passport, IDs whatever. I'm not really good with airport stuff. I always rely on Emmy because she traveled a lot of times before hehe. Oh and yeah don't wear rubber shoes with to many shoelaces because I think you need to remove your shoes somewhere in the airport. I find it really annoying but oh well as long as they make us safe.
  • Be there early. Well I heard you're gonna be way too early on your departure date so I don't need to remind you. Gosh 3 hours before the flight.. I'll place that plan of yours under the category "excited"
  • Don't trust anyone apart from your companion. You can never tell when someone would ask you to include your stuff on their luggage just because they feel that they need to maximize the 15kg or have their stuff be included in your  luggage because they are in excess. SCARY.
  •  When on board the plane. Greet the attendants because they're pretty and handsome (simang)

1. You MUST be an ELF. hahaha this may sound silly but I can only imagine you attending a Super Junior concert without knowing them. I mean yeah it happens where someone is just dragged along by an ELF friend and they really do not know that Moves like Jagger is performed by Ryeowook and not by Maroon 5. :P

  • Know your Super Junior Z's: What if some international ELF will ask you a random SJ stuff just for small talk. Or what if some MTV Vj or reporter will interview you. Make sure you know what to say hehe. Dont embarrass Cebu ELFs. Just kidding!

2. Be Friendly. You might gain a lot of international ELF friends who has the same bias as you. Believe me it is really fun to talk to a lot of fans while lining up on the venue. As you may know I gained 2 friends from Valenzuela because they were my seatmates in Upper Box A.

3.  Know the Fanchants. Its really fun and the boys would really love hearing those, especially if  you shout Urineun Elpeo eoh after their intro. But knowing us, wed rather sing along than do fanchants which is also enjoyable.

4. Follow concert rules and ethics. You dont want ELF enemies, its scary. And you dont want huge bouncers to throw you out. (not that it happened though hehe)

5. Call me. Nyahaha just kidding. What I mean is always have your cellphone ready. You can never tell when you need to call each other. This includes: bring along your charger and have everything on full battery.

****You know with 10 boys, they are gonna be all over the place so mind you it can be dizzying at time. (the sight of them makes me dizzy in the first place though).

most importantly i just want you to ENJOY.   No one would care if you scream, shout. jump ,act crazy, go wild, dance along, sing along,  everyone is doing the same thing any ways hehe. Just BE CAREFUL though. I want you to come back and tell the story of your experience. You can then tell me how the earth stood still that day. :D

That's it. I might remember a lot of other things to say after this post but I hope I lived up to the space you have provided for me in you special blog.

Ok see you when you get back.  ♥

SS4 Singapore Weather Forecast

We should be prepared guys ;p

Day 27 of 30: Reminiscing My SS3 Manila Journey

So I promised my dear ELFriends to share my fancams from my SS3 Manila journey. I only had three but they are very precious to me. I feel very happy every time I watch these videos. Please bear the fangirls' screams =D. Without further ado, here they are:

Intro+ Sorry, Sorry

Don't Don

No Other

Bonus pics:
Kyu with his sexy hip thrust in 'A Man in Love'. ♥

Henry with his piano version of 'Baby'.

Shindong, Donghae, and Eunhyuk with their 'Single Ladies' dance.

and yours truly at SS3 Manila~ ♥

I really hope I could still capture videos and pics in SS4 Singapore. I really wish I could... T.T

Happy QuirkyAlone Day!!!

quirkyalone for you?

Quirkyalone: n. adj. a person who enjoys being single (but is not opposed to being in a relationship) and prefers being single to dating for the sake of dating. It’s a mindset. Quirkyalone is not anti-love. It is pro-love. It is not anti-dating. It is anti-compulsory dating. Quirkyalone is a book, a holiday, and amovement

Monday, February 13, 2012

God loves me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These are all my feelings right now... It is a mixture of excitement, happiness, anxiety and fear all in one!!!

I just received my schedule for this week and the next successive weeks until March and hksdfhskjdghalhgasj!!!!!! XD

Feb 17 (this was supposedly our CLINICS day, which I sincerely prayed would be changed to LAB day) - even groups MICROBIOLOGY LAB!!!!!!
Feb 20 (this was supposedly our LONG QUIZ 5 day, which I sincerely prayed would be CANCELLED) - NO EXAM YET ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012


- dawnhae -

Day 26 of 30: Start Packing~!

A few more days and I'll be traveling outside of the Philippines for the first time in my life....and this is all because of Super Junior~! XD

Anyhow, since it's four more days 'til we embark this impulsive journey of ours and I'm already in my SS4 spazz mode, I started packing my stuff last night and I was really confused on the clothes I'm going to wear. I'm really picky when it comes to clothes I bring on travels and this time it's more special since it's Singapore and a funny thought in my mind will pop telling me that how lucky will be the clothes that I'm bringing with me..lol.

My bag is heavy. T.T Hopefully I can have this checked-in, that is, if there is still available kilograms for my bag. =D

By the way, I had a hair makeover. It's nothing special. I just wanted a different look. You guys will see it on Friday~! hahaha XD

Something's Wrong with our countdown. TROLOLOL!!!!

I haven't packed my bags...

and it's in five days!!

five days!!

five days!!

five days!!

five days!


5 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Travel Tips 101 for Singapore Tourists

I really want to be as prepared as I can be when I get o Singapore...So I have been searching for travel tips every time I don't get caught up with my Fan Fic Reading...Here is some of the tips I got...

a. Pack for very hot, very humid weather. That is, wear light woven cottons and open toed shoes. However, do bring a sweater and one pair of long trousers in case you are going into an indoor area with very cold air-con (eg, movie theaters, restaurants)
b. Bring a camera.
c. Bring sunscreen
d. Bring a small umbrella (but you can buy one off the street if you don't want to carry one).hahaha...It's really a must...
e. Bring $$$, rather than stuff
f. Travel light you can get anything you want there.
g. Go to the Bugis Market at night it's awesome and cheap t-shirts among other things.
h. Do not take a taxi from the Airport, the subway is right downstairs and costs about $1.50 to the city.

f. Don't expect an exotic destination. This is Asia-lite. It's very Western, but still has some Asian flair.
g. Don't bring tobacco. You'll get fined.
h. Don't bring drugs. Never, ever ever ever ever do this. waahhh...scary...
i. Don't bring CDs. Technically, you're supposed to pay a "viewing fee" with you. I can't imagine that you would bring them here, but just don't do it. So NO 5JIB VER. A allowed
j. Try to go cheap. Take a taxi everywhere. You'll find tourists arguing on the Street, occassionally because they're hot, sweaty and miserable. Taxis are cheap, so just spend the money. A taxi from the airport should cost about S$35 (tips not necessary here, except 10% service charge on food). Around town, they're going to only going to cost you S$6-15 to go pretty much anywhere.
k. Don't go to the Singapore Flyer. Slow, boring and expensive. Rather, go to New Asia Bar at the top of the Swissotel at Raffles City. Get great view and can have a cocktail, too! but since we are not the party people type so the Singapore Flyer will do...

l. Shop. If you're from the US, this will seem expensive. If you're from anywhere else, there's very good selection. Orchard Road is a good start.
m. don't chew gum! be attentive to signs such as the jaywalking signs :)
n. don't be stingy

Estimated Fare Rates (to be updated)

1. Kallang MRT to Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS)

*walk - 27 mins 2.1 km - $0
*taxi -  8 mins - $4.54
*train+bus - 23 mins - $1.18 - 1 transfer

2.  Kallang MRT to Singapore Flyer

*walk - 46 mins 3.6 km - $0
*taxi - 8 mins $5.76
*train+bus - 30 mins - $1.32 - 1 transfer(with 453 m walk)
*train only - 26 mins - $0.83 - no transfer(with 1.3km walk 7 mins)

3. Singapore Flyer (promenade station) to Marina Bay Sands

*walk - 26 mins 2km -$0
*taxi - 6 mins - $4.10
*train - 15 mins $0.83

4. Marina Bay Sands to Sentosa

*walk - 1 hr 35 mins 7.6 km - $0
*taxi - 20 mins $11.82
*train+bus - 34 mins $4.03 - 1 transfer

5. Sentosa to Kallang

*walk - 8.7 km 1 hr 54 mins - $0
*taxi - 17 mins - $10.72
*train - 38 mins - $1.11 - 2 transfers
*bus - 51 mins - $3.23 - 1 transfer

Total train+bus fare for day1 : $8.92
***I think dapat ta magpalit tag Singapore Visitor's Pass. $8 unlimited one day train and bus fares. $10 deposit.

Day 25 of 30

In a less than a week's time, I will be in a foreign land with the company of my friends who will watch the Best Show on Earth. This will be the first time that I will be traveling outside of my country. At first I was really hesitant of doing this, but when I finally realized how much this means to me (with the help of a good friend), fear has disappeared in my vocabulary.

I pray that this will be a good trip, that I may be able to explore a lot of places and see a lot of people. I pray that we will be safe and have the best time of our lives...

5 days more to a Promise of a Lifetime Happiness!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ideal Backpackers Hostel

Hyukcien... this is the right one... loool

How to find us

Our Address :
89 Geylang Road,

Singapore 389203.
Tel:(65) 6846 4741

By MRT Train: 
At "Changi Airport" MRT Terminal, purchase a standard ticket $1.60 and board the East-West line (Green Line). At "Tanah Merah" train station (2nd stop from airport), you need to alight and make a train transfer. Alight and stay on the same platform, transfer to trains towards the city. About 20 minutes, alight at "Kallang" MRT station. Follow the map below and walk about 2 minutes to the our hostel. Note that train service stop operating daily till 12 midnight. Check Train station timing

By Taxi / Cab
Outside airport terminal building, get to Taxi-stand, hire a taxi and tell taxi driver our hostel address. Taxe Fare during off-peak hour is approximately S$15-S$20. Peak-hours will cost about extra 30%. Night hours cost 50% extra.

- dawnhae -

Our Love is Long Lasting

We saw big heart-shaped balloon with a giraffe sa gilid. And "Our Love is Long Lasting" was written in the heart. Nya niingon ang seller, naa sad daw verson na duha ka isda with a heart sa tunga.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Things to Remember/Fast Facts about Singapore Trip

* Cebu Pacific CALL CENTER Cebu Office +63-32-230-8888

* Changi Airport is split into three main terminals (T1, T2 and T3) plus a dedicated Budget Terminal for low-cost airlines (currently only Tiger Airways, Cebu Pacific, Firefly and Berjaya Air).

* The three main terminals are connected with the free Skytrain service, which can be used without passing through immigration. Terminal 1 is physically connected to Terminals 2 and 3.

* The Budget Terminal, on the other hand, can only be reached by passing through immigration and taking a shuttle bus from the basement of T2.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Fan Project of Five

I cannot wait for Saturday when we will all be meeting each other. And at last, we will be bonding with XmaKyu!! Woohoo!!. Our usual Cafe Maru pictures will be complete with her like this:

what shall we call ourselves? hmmm...
We have a lot of things to do on Saturday... i think. :-)

Reminding everyone that we will be meeting in Cafe Maru, 5PM.
It is this Saturday, February 11, 2012.

  1. Fan Chant Practice - HeeEmmy or anyone, please dl the songs/vids found in this link so that we could practice more effectively as if it was live. Hahaha. thanks.
  2. Please also bring  250 pesos each for our food contribution.
  3. Discussion of the "Fan Project of Five".
  4. Very Important: Bring the toiletries (ie shampoo, toothpaste, soap too?, other liquid products). We will place them altogether in the maleta because they are not allowed in the hand-carry luggage. Also, if you have other things to include, you may bring them ahead kay i-impake na na ni Yerene Choi. Haha.
  5. Run down of itinerary in Singapore.
  6. Feel fee to comment for additional things to do/bring, or for your violent reactions.  :-/

WAAAAAAAAA!!!! One week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: pwede nato dad-on  ang angel wings ni xmakyu? pa-borrow ko, para pareha mi ni kuan. Wahahaha. :;p