Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Post-SS4SG - part 2

These are my thoughts and messages for SUPER JUNIOR members after their 2-day concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium... Sorry if it's all messy. I just wanted to place everything before they get off my head. I hope you like it! (This became my new bias list in increasing order after SS4.. lol)

Siwon - holy shisus!!!! wae are your abs so amazing?!?! the moment i saw them live was daebak! waaaaaaaaaahhh!!! your abs are REAL!!!! i also loved how you interact with us elfs! you also made an eyecontact with me and smiled! OTL.. so amazing! i also loved your DO RE MI perf especially when you and shindong almost kissed because of donghae! haha! so funny! i also liked your appearance in hyukjae's part in OOPS when you kissed him in the cheek! kyaaaaaa!!!

Henry - wae are you so cute???????????????? i love your perf! i love your energy! i love your english speaking skills that even the other members, especially siwon, were envious. haha. siwon splashed water to you everytime you speak english. hahahaha... i was teary-eyed during the violin rendition of lighters. i loved its sound. so relaxing. so sweet. so nice. i loved your choice of songs especially in ss4 because i also love bruno mars's songs and seeing you perform them live is a great experience.

Zhou Mi - OTL.. i hate how other people don't appreciate you. in day1 i know only13's did not support you. i did. on day 2, we made a banner for you, henry, shindong and yesung. i hope you saw it. i shouted as much as i could in day2 even though i had a very hoarse voice already. Other ELF are even watching us. I think they are wondering why i was so noisy when your performance was a ballad. i just wanted to show you that i support you. i am just happy that when i shout, other ELF would also shout so there was a loud crowd on your perf in day2. i also believe that you were happy because you smiled after your perf. i really believe you deserve my support so i will continue to support you! 

Shindong - waaaaaaah!!!!! you are so hot! i was laughing hard with your solo coz i could see you taking your clothes off behind the "curtain"!!! i saw you HALF-NAKED TWICE!!! i love your troublemaker and bubble pop perf! so hot!!! one of your dancers is also hot! waah! spazzing so much! but the most amazing thing for me is, we made a "connection" during day 1! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! you looked at me and you tried to conduct how we wave our lightsticks and i followed and you laughed! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Sungmin - so pretty! i couldn't think of you as a guy especially in your Marilyn Monroe cosplay! i love it! especially your interaction with donghae and siwon! so cute! i also loved your failed reactions in the girlfriend thing when the girl chose kyuhyun instead of you. haha. so cute! and the best thing for my is your solo perf! ubersexual!!! i was shouting "PAGPUYO SUNGMIN!!!!!" (behave sungmin!) coz i was so envious of your dancer! haha!

Yesung - i wonder why you look so serious! you are very handsome and i love your stare! the best thing for me was your solo. D.A.E.B.A.K. listening to your voice live especially when you reach those high notes is a very memorable experience because i've always loved your voice especially your ad libs. another memorable for me was when you got wet with the fountain! waaaah! you really looked so cute!

Leeteuk - i fell in love with you. honestly. i know that you are an amazing person but seeing you for real and seeing how humble you are made my heart melt. we were just one meter apart and you looked fantastic! i loved how you sincerely thanked us ELF. you made me love super junior more, made me know that everything is so worth it and made me decide that being an ELF is a lifetime career for me. i also loved your energy so much especially in BONAMANA. on day1 i cried so hard during OUR LOVE and i promised not to cry again in day2 but when i saw you cry, tears just kept rolling from my eyes! wae are you like that!!!! i know you are very tired but you still tried your best to put a fantastic show. thank you so much. i wish i could hug you and tell you that you are an amazing person and you deserve all my love and support as the leader of the best group in the world.

Ryeowook - ASJHFKAJHAJGSJSGAJSGFJAKS!!!!! I SAW YOUR ABS LIVE!!!! i was at the balcony at that time and when i saw it, i swear i really wanted to jump towards the stage! haha. even my friend AIRENE told me that she was so scared that i might jump off. haha. wae are you so cute?! you look like a doll for me! your face is so small and your smile is so mesmerizing. i really envy those ELF with polaroid cameras which you used to take selcas! you made me want to buy one! seeing you one meter apart is just fantastic! gosh! im running out of descriptive words! i know you weren't feeling well in day2 when you denied being splashed on the fountain. sorry if i was one of the ELF who cheered for you to get wet. i really just wanted to see your abs again for the last time. haha

Hyukjae - i don't understand why they call you ugly!!! you are such a beautiful person! so handsome! so cute! so hot! you are an amazing dancer and i love your moves! seeing you one meter apart is daebak! i love your cute smile especially in your solo. i even had LSS (last song syndrome) on your perf. haha. SAY MY NAME... LEE HYUKJAE!!!!! i loved shouting your name! i also had a great time shouting NO! when you wanted us to say TOm Cruise, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and CHoi Siwon. hahaha. the best thing is seeing EUNHAE moments live!!!! forever EUNHAE!

Kyuhyun - kyu oh kyu.. wae you so sweet?!?! i loved how you worried for us in Partial Restricted View. i saw you making signs to those in PRV that means "Can you see?" and "I can see you at the back" it really shows your love and concern for ELF. and the best thing for me is seeing you one meter apart and making eyecontact with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! i almost threw my cap at the stage! i was stunned that i forgot to take pictures at that distance nor even fancam! btw, i love your voice! just like yesung, listening to your voice live is amazing! i wanna hear you sing a song for me because your voice made me fall in love with you! i even knew you weren't feeling well on day 2 coz your eyes were red at your solo perf which i really loved but i know you did your best and your perf was daebak!

Donghae - donghae donghae donghae... are you even real?!?! seeing you live made me realize you are human but i don't understand how such human can have flawless features like you!? i wanted to get you off the stage, put you inside my bag and bring you home!!!! it seems that my eyes were a "donghae focused fancam" in both shows! haha. i think i missed important things from other members because i focused on you more! i laughed when you made a mistake in one of your perfs in day 1, i enjoyed your being so playful especially in day 1 and i was amazed to see you dance live! your way of dancing is different from hyukjae. hyuk's dance moves is so manly and hiphop while for me your moves are so poised and i love it! i only saw you about 2-3 meters away and had no eyecontact with you but since you always stayed on the side where i was, it still made me so happy! i saw you always at my side! waaaaah! on day 1, you made me cry when you sang THIS IS LOVE since i really wanted to see you sing that song live. it's like me watching FUWA SHO live! waaaah! but after crying, i laughed at your OPPA OPPA perf. i was so crazeeee right? haha. and oh, i almost forgot. WHAT WAS THAT VCR BEFORE MR. SIMPLE PERF?!?!?!?!???! i don't need to detail everything about it but i guess you can understand what i mean. i love how you always try to expose Marilyn Mingroe's undies! hahaha! i also loved your poses during your "fashion show" part. ahaha.. i loved your pick up lines! "I love you. I love you. I love you." "I closed all the doors. We can stay here for the entire night." i couldn't remember the other lines but all i know is you really tried to speak in english and that's what amazed me. i love it! i know it's difficult for you but at least you tried and i understood what you wanted to express. and the best thing for me was YOU BEING WET AND SEEING YOUR BODY THROUGH YOUR WET CLOTHES! JAHFALJSDHGJDASGAJDGA;JGDAJDSGHA;ZJDGHAJDGAJSDGHAJGHAJGJAGH;GHDSQDKGHSJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OTL...... i think i should stop... i'll just add if i remember other things related to you. haha

- dawnhae -
It was my greatest escape... 
But it is over...
Now back to reality...

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