Saturday, January 21, 2012

Late Intro Day 4

I hope that my introduction isn‘t too late. I‘m an ELF from the Philippines who doesn‘t have enough confidence. I live in a life of being a home buddy-church goer-school which was pretty boring. The person responsible for bringing out the fangirl in me is my childhood friend which she thinks that this the only way for me to get over a very stupid crush. We‘ll it worked because I‘m in love with Kim Heechul.

Before I became an ELF I never knew where my life is going I flunked my some subjects and I could take the calling of a profession which my siblings are in. Now I can say that I can be a better person just by being inspired by these humble boys, making new friends through the ELFS I meet in gatherings here and the best part is that I have a family that I could say that will be with me no matter what and I will be the same to them.

Obviously my bias is Kim Heechul, my love even through hell. I may sound delusional but I love him even if he confesses that he and Geng are together cuz I believe HANCHUL is real.

Law school is not easy unless you accepted the calling the moment you started. I will be a Lawyer, the best there is and make him(Hee) proud.

I Need A Day Off!!!! Rawr!! haha: Day 4 of 30

I do not want to worry over this. Really. Sigh.
This is my work schedule for January and February 2012.

Sadly, i used up all my leaves during the past year. I only got 1 day's worth of leave as of January 2012.
By the looks of my schedule in February, my day offs will be on February 14 and 15.
I need the 17th and 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The cheapest flight will leave on Feb 17!!
The concert starts on the 18th!!
I hope and fervently pray that someone at work will swap sked with me.
I am so willing to work eight straight days from Feb 9 to Feb 16.
I can't afford to be absent because...
1. It will affect my scorecard
2. Failed scorecard, means no bonus.
3. No bonus means, no money for fangirling. :-/
4. I already got a letter for an absence when I watched the MAMA telecast. Ooops.

Please let everything work out fine!!
The new schedules will be released next week.
Please pray for me!!

ps: woi! dont cry na!