Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 7 of Worry

To be honest I am worried because I haven‘t told my mom about this trip. I may be 22y.o. but its different that your living with your parents especially when they don‘t understand that I have to do things like these for the boys. I hope when my mom understands my reason for leaving but one thing is true I‘ll introduce my friends that will be m companion for 3 days.
I hope my companions wouldn‘t mind helping me out. T.T

Day 6 of 30: Baggage Checklist

Here is list I have come up with on the things I need to have in my baggage so I won't miss anything! XD

  • passport
  • plane tickets
  • concert tickets (things needed to claim the concert tickets!)
  • hotel booking papers
  • clothes
  • shoes/slippers
  • personal hygiene stuffs
  • pocket money
  • mobile phone and charger (don't forget to set your networks to roaming!)
  • digital camera (I wish we could do some fancams!)
  • MY KYUHYUN LIGHTSTICK! (I almost forgot!!!)

  • placards for the concert
  • pens (in case we can have some autographs!)
  • a Suju album (I think I'm bringing one, maybe my Mr. Simple album so I could make it a placard and in case for autographs too XD)