Friday, January 27, 2012

Day ? of 30: Did I really miss all the fun here?


After 12 days of anguish without internet... I'm finally here! I'm not really good in making blogs but I'll try to share all my thoughts here. Especially regarding............ -_- (my heart just exploded)

Anyways, I'm super excited for SS4SG! Everything has been a roller coaster ride for me. I mean, I've never really risked anything in my entire life. Everything has been planned. My daily routine would include school-home-church-home. I had a boyfriend for almost 5 years but still, dating was also like a routine for me. Everyone would say I'm the boring type and that I'm too serious with my life but I thought in the past that I couldn't change that coz that's just me.

But after knowing SJ, my life really turned around. I guess everything that has happened really has a reason. Perfect timing, as I could describe it. During the darkest part of my life, when I thought I would literally break down, they came. I've been telling my closest friends that SJ saved me. And that's the truth. They really saved me. The boys may not know this but for me, knowing them is the best thing that happened to me. I even regret not listening to my friends who became ELF way before me because if I did, then I would have experienced SS3.

So yeah, SS4 is my greatest wish (as of now)... I would never let this chance slip away like what I did in SS3... Seeing them in the flesh is like me topping the board exam (LOL). And I am truly happy that my father has been so supportive this time especially in the money stuff. haha

I guess this entry is already too long. I'll try to write more as that special day approaches. I just can't hide my excitement anymore!


Why? waaahhhhh crazy day

I'm really sorry for not updating much here or even in my tumblr for this journey, school is really keeping me occupied. I hope that you guys understand.

Tomorrow is shopping day for me, Dawnhae and Yerene Choi. I don't know if I'll be buying a lot of stuff but  so far this day is simply crazy.

After a few days of not logging in to tumblr the first thing on my dash is my beloved Chul's GIF taking a selca in at his radio show. Heenim, I know that you don't like me being serious about school but this is simply killing me right now. WAAAAHHHH Heechul I love you so much even if it kills me just to look into those eyes of yours.

Day 9 of 30

I'm a little busy recently, since I have engrossed my self with my new addiction. This time i don't just read Fan Fiction but I have started writing it. I'm no longer contented with the ones that I am reading, I want a plot of my own. So may not be very active this coming days but I will surely try my best to update here.

Hyukcien: I'll try to email the admins for the Fan Project this coming Sunday 29th of January
Heemmy: I'll give you the link to my fic when I'm done.Please teach me well
Chrisma: I heard that you want to do a make over? and want to have a bangs? Good luck!!! Try a side bangs on a layered hair style to add volume
Dawnhae: You are missing a lot of fun!!!

Day 10. Of Fanchants and Singing One's Heart Out

So yeah, I am never the one to fully memorize all of SJ's songs consciously. Ahahahaha. But it's the Super Show!!!! I need to do this. I have a goal to lose all my voice in this once-in-a-lifetime event. I need to sing my heart out for Super Junior!! and good luck to the ELFs sitting next to me at the concert ;p

Everyone, I have compiled the fanchants for the concert that were posted by SS4 Singapore - Truly ELFs. Our ever helpful SG ELFs have organized it all for us. And they even hold practice sessions in their country. How about us? Will we be five lost souls during the Super Show? Oh no no no no no no. Don't fret, SuperCien is here. Wahaha!!

It's gonna be so much fun!! So many ELFs in one place, singing, dancing, laughing, shouting, fangirling, crying(?), having fun with Super Junior all at the same time! OH YEAH!! So here it is , the list. All fanchants were modified to fit the performances in super show 4. Video reference links are also found in the posts.

And yes, here is the list:


#4 A-CHA

Can you feel it? We are gonna be SOOOOOO LOOOOOUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! WE NEED TO BE SO LOUD because our seats are in the jungle. If ever they will not have the time to look at us, at least they can HEAR us!! hehehe.

And guys, mark your calendars...We will have a practice session ha? During our final meetup on Feb 12. Whatchasay???