Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 13 of 30: Block 334

Hmmm... I wasn't able to make an entry yesterday because I had to study for my Long Quiz 2 and Lab Quiz 1 today... Since I just got off that "I-don't-get-why-I-have-to-study-thousands-of-pages-for-a-total-of-50-item-exam" madness, I now have the time to make this entry. <sigh>

Last night, as I was browsing my email, I saw the SISTIC confirmation email for our SS4 tickets again. And my face just became (0.0)! I only realized that our area was in block 334!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I thought that we would be in area 234 but no! It was 334!!!!! I accepted that I would stay at the "partial restricted view" area but I thought it would be at the terrace. Now I realized that we would be at the balcony!!!!! I almost cried last night after knowing this... And until now, I still feel bad! Worse even! I'm wondering if we could still "see" them in that area! Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!! 

Right now, I know that I just have to accept everything as it is. I hope we could use some "ninja powers", to be able to find ways to enjoy the SS4 despite our location. I really want to experience the best Super Show since it's my first (hopefully, not my last!).... 

I also hope that our plans for the Saturday in SG would be successful. I really hope to be "blessed" and well, meet them somewhere in the road. haha.

I just really hope and pray for the best in my first ever out of the country trip!

Hae is waiting for me!!! XD

- dawnhae -

Day 12 of 30: Flight Blues

I know that each time before I travel with a plane, I will always have a nightmare that I couldn't catch my flight and I would cry on my sleep. And this time it happened again. T.T

Last night, I had a very long sleep. My dreams were different each time I'm half awaken but the last dream I had was, I wasn't able to go the airport for my Singapore flight T.T. I was thinking it was really true! I could have died in my sleep if I didn't wake up. The dream was, I was waiting for my uncle to drive me to the airport[he was a taxi driver in my dream but in reality, he's a PUJ driver -.-] but I saw him drive away, without me riding the taxi! I was really flustered and texted and called him so may times but he wouldn't answer at all. It's already two hours before my flight and still I couldn't contact him. It was raining in my dream and I was out of options [I'm not sure why], and one of my closest friends in elementary walked pass by our house and I had to borrow her phone to contact my uncle but still I couldn't contact him T.T. It was already an hour before the flight, yet I'm still at home and Emmy already called and texted me so many times...I almost breakdown then I woke up, thankful that it was all a dream T.T.

Why do I always have these nightmares before I go travel by a plane? Any thoughts? :<

ELF Calling SISTIC Customer Service

January 15, 2012
Public booking for Super Show 4 Singapore

Call 1

Dial (65) 6348-5555
ELF: on hold for more than 15-30 minutes already
Rep: Welcome to SISTIC ... something something etc
ELF: May I know the available seats for Super Show 4?
Rep: There are no more available seats. It's sold out.
ELF: Oh.
end of call.

Call 2

Dial (65) 6348-5555
ELF: on hold for more than 15-30 minutes already
Rep: Welcome to SISTIC ... something something etc
ELF: May I know the available seats for Super Show 4?
Rep: couldn't hear what he said
ELF: May you please repeat what you said?
Rep: still couldn't hear... dogs barking and chickens clucking and crowing everywhere waaaa!!!
ELF: I'm sorry. I couldn't hear you. What are the available seats again?
Rep: The available seats are for CAT 2 and 8.
ELF: Ahh.. Cat 2 and 8. Could you please hold a moment while I ask my friends..
Rep: Sure.
ELF: shouting in the background. "GUYS, CAT 2 & 8 ONLY!!! NOW WHAT???!!!!!
ELF: Hello, Sir? Thank you for waiting. I'm sorry we are so loud.
Rep: Oh, it's okay.
ELF: Sir, are there still other seats available?
Rep: ... dead air
ELF: Sir....sir, can you please recheck? Please pleassssseeeee... almost crying now
Rep: Only Cat 2 and 8 are available.
dead air
ELF: Okay. We will take it.
ELF: Hellooooo??? checks phone. Waaa no more call credits!!

PS: thank you to that SISTIC rep who endure enough for us. thank you.