Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 20 0f 30: Ten Days Left?! Kyaaa! Alodia-Heechul Issue


Sorry if I was not active for the past week. I was very busy on my work and I needed to prepare my cosplay (yes, I'm a cosplayer! =D) which I successfully fulfilled last Saturday~! See my FB profile pic of the character I cosplayed. ;p

Speaking of being a cosplayer, I know you guys know the cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao right? Well, luckily, she came across Heechul in South Korea while they were filming a movie. Now, unintentionally, Alodia mistakenly exposed Heechul's number when she recorded in video the phone conversation they had. This made some crazy fans (well I'm not sure if I should call them ELF since I really don't understand why they would try to intrude Heechul's privacy) grabbed the opportunity to catch Heechul's mobile number and non-stop dialed it to talk to Heenim. Now that's rude. Fortunately, Alodia already apologized and Heechul forgave him as well but there are some sensitive fans of Heechul that were still disturbed by the incident and continues to bash Alodia.

I read a post with Heechul and Alodia's pic together and I noticed that most of the comments were not nice (well, even the title of the post itself is hurtful). Then I also added my comment and I will copy paste it here:

"I will say this again, not because I'm a fan of Alodia, but as a fellow ELF. Please understand that it was unintentional of Alodia to expose Heechul's number. She already apologized and Heechul himself forgave her. I'm kind of disappointed to some ELF who can't understand and continues to bash Alodia. Why can't you forgive while Heechul himself has forgiven her? Do you have the right to bash her because of that unintentional mistake? Maybe the people that you should be reprimanding are those that grabbed the opportunity to take Heechul's number and crazily dialed the number just to talk to him and intruded his privacy. Now that's more shameful if you were one of that fans. Please think and reflect on yourselves and understand. Imagine if you were Alodia, what would you do if you made the mistake? It's hard don't you think?"

Forgive and forget. Move on and be happy. If you have read my comment, then it was me who posted it. =D

What do guys think of the issue? Let me know your thoughts. =)

Day 20 of 30 : Challenged

I never really liked it when one of my family members gets sick. My coping mechanism in these kinds of situations is bad. It may seem like I don't care but I really don't like the feeling when you worry about something you care for. 

Yesterday my sister was rushed to the hospital since she was having fever for more than 3 days. My father decided to let her have CBC just to have his peace of mind because my sister did have that case before.

When the results were handed to my mom a few hours after, she found out that my sister only had 60 for her platelet count. I was scared at the same time mad since I never wanted any of that to happen. She should have been more careful, if only she would listen to us every time we tell her not to forget to put on her insect repellant lotion. I was shaking while spacing out in front of my PC. My mom was busy packing the stuffs she’ll bring to the hospital while I was just watching the Boys video in YT.
I can’t help thinking “Why Now???”…it’s only few days left before the big day and I can’t help worrying with things like this. Also a 6.9 earthquake was experienced in our area…was that a bad omen? Hopefully not, I want to travel soundly and worry free. 

I am again starting to think that this decision is selfish. 

I’ve been really excited about this trip, not only because I will see SJ but also this is something that I have been dreaming of. A reward that I will grant myself after all these years of making my family first in line and the center of my life; please don’t ask me to give it up. I’ve come this far to just let go…