Monday, February 13, 2012

God loves me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These are all my feelings right now... It is a mixture of excitement, happiness, anxiety and fear all in one!!!

I just received my schedule for this week and the next successive weeks until March and hksdfhskjdghalhgasj!!!!!! XD

Feb 17 (this was supposedly our CLINICS day, which I sincerely prayed would be changed to LAB day) - even groups MICROBIOLOGY LAB!!!!!!
Feb 20 (this was supposedly our LONG QUIZ 5 day, which I sincerely prayed would be CANCELLED) - NO EXAM YET ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012


- dawnhae -

Day 26 of 30: Start Packing~!

A few more days and I'll be traveling outside of the Philippines for the first time in my life....and this is all because of Super Junior~! XD

Anyhow, since it's four more days 'til we embark this impulsive journey of ours and I'm already in my SS4 spazz mode, I started packing my stuff last night and I was really confused on the clothes I'm going to wear. I'm really picky when it comes to clothes I bring on travels and this time it's more special since it's Singapore and a funny thought in my mind will pop telling me that how lucky will be the clothes that I'm bringing with

My bag is heavy. T.T Hopefully I can have this checked-in, that is, if there is still available kilograms for my bag. =D

By the way, I had a hair makeover. It's nothing special. I just wanted a different look. You guys will see it on Friday~! hahaha XD

Something's Wrong with our countdown. TROLOLOL!!!!

I haven't packed my bags...

and it's in five days!!

five days!!

five days!!

five days!!

five days!


5 !!!!!!!!!!!!