Monday, March 19, 2012

Thirty Days After the Super Show 4 in Singapore

Photos courtesy of xmakyu and heeemmy

 We are packing up the blog and we will not be posting anymore.

It was a great journey...

And it has not even ended

because it's always an AND


Photos courtesy of xmakyu and heeemmy

So what really happens when you go abroad just to see Super Junior

Yes, I did it. I saw Super Junior. I saw Lee Hyukjae. I went to Singapore. I became part of the sapphire blue sea.

I originally wrote a thirteen page, blow-by-blow account of our journey to see Super Junior in a Super Show in Singapore. But I am too lazy to type it all in the computer :-/ Writing that was just perhaps a way for me to acknowledge that the things I did last February 18 and 19, 2012 really happened. That I can take that memory with me forever. That I have that experience stored in me, forever to treasure and be grateful for.

Yeah. Maybe that's it.